Social Media Marketing Services

Not that long ago building a website was enough to attract more business. It is no longer the case. Web2.0 moved word-of-mouth marketing online and created unprecedented opportunities for spreading the word and building loyal customer base.

Compared to the traditional marketing channels, social media marketing provides a wider and more targeted reach at a fraction of the cost. The catch is it can get time-consuming, technical, and downright confusing.

If you are ready to build serious online presence and let the world know about your business, we can help. Our social media assistants are standing by, ready to fire up their computers to

  • Create and manage Social Network(s) presence
  • Social Media Branding (See Social Media Branding Services)
  • Manage Facebook Fan Pages, Groups and build friends list
  • Manage Twitter updates, groups, messages and grow list
  • Manage LinkedIn Contacts, Groups, Messages, build List, update status etc.
  • Build Squidoo lenses
  • Build and maintain membership sites
  • Grow business blogs (See Internet Marketing)
  • Distribute articles and press releases (See Internet Marketing)
  • Send out newsletters (See Internet Marketing)
  • Organize and support webinars, teleconferences and other online events
  • Do everything else!

Rule social media sites without spending most of your days online. Instead, let our social media assistants apply their creativity and geeky love of all things Internet to build your company’s presence online and dominate the Web.

Contact us to discuss our social media branding packages and monthly retainer rates for your Social Media needs.  We will not be undersold! Contact us today


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