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As a current user of the website, we would like to thank you for visiting and share with you the importance our company places upon protecting the privacy of information we gather from you.

In this privacy policy, you will find (1) an explanation of the types of information we collect from our clients and the means to collect such information (2) an explanation of how VBS On Demand shares the information collected from our clients and (3) an explanation of how VBS On Demand protects client information.

(1)   Information we collect and the means we use to collect: VBS On Demand collects information about our users that is necessary to provide the best usual and customary services to our clients. We collect this information  if a user fills out the information to receive our free social networking report. We will collect your email address. To collect this information, we use an electronic services.

(2)   How we share the information with third parties: We never share information about our customers, former customers or website visitors with non-affiliated third parties. The only time we will share such information ot to protect against or prevent fraud, unauthorized use of another person’s computer or other liability.. We do not share client information with any affiliate, and we never sell, share or trade your information.

(3)   How we protect client information: We maintain electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your information which includes restricted access to nonpublic personal information about our clients, former clients and users and using a secure internet and email provider to protect the confidentiality of electronic communications.

VBS On Demand appreciates your business and in order to continue building upon our relationship, we believe it is necessary, not only from a legal standpoint, but also as a sound business practices that our website users understand the care that we use in handling your information. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this privacy policy, last updated on 2/25/2010.

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Owner – Serena Carcasole
Tel: 905-553-7104
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