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I started as a freelance virtual assistant in late 2007 because I simply had enough of working for a faceless corporate entity. I left my job and opened my own company, Virtual Business Solutions On Demand.

When I think back to the day I quit my corporate job to start my own business, I still wonder at the leap of faith I took – no safety net, no clients, no mentors.

Fortunately, I am a big believer in the laws of attraction. Even as I was just learning the ropes and looking for my first clients, I worked very hard at always maintaining a mental picture of being successful. I strongly believe that retaining a positive outlook against all odds helped me to grow my virtual assistance business from a one-person operation to a full-service multi-VA firm with a long list of terrific clients.

But I don’t measure success only in financial terms. Just as important is the fact that I built up my knowledge and developed results-backed expertise.

I feel very blessed that I found a business niche that has both high income potential and great flexibility. And I want to share this with other entrepreneurs. My mission is to help other small business owners make money doing what they love and enjoying time with their families.

Virtual Assistant Certifications

I am Certified in 1shoppingcart by Practice Pay Solutions, Certified as a Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant and Certified as a Social Media Marketing Support Specialist.

   vaclassroom_internet-marketing-va-certified-logo Social Media Marketing Logo1

I am also certified by the Canadian Virtual Assistant Network (Click here to view my certification) and a certified member of the International Virtual Assistant Association.

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