Founded in 2007, Virtual Business Solutions On Demand is a no-risk one-stop shop virtual assistance company that combines Internet Marketing and Social Media expertise with superior customer service.

The agency’s CEO, Serena Carcasole, is a published author, speaker and a recognized Internet Marketing expert.

We here, at VBSOD, like to think of our company as an efficient, affordable and sexy hybrid. Many of the services VBSOD offers are beyond what is typical of VA work and cross into creative and consulting fields. At the same time, the rates are virtual assistant rates and not what one would expect of a consultant or a designer.

Plus VBSOD offers a start-to-finish coverage for its clients. From ongoing work to one-time projects and from complete turn-key business start-up solutions to a la carte options, we do it all. Very few virtual assistance firms can offer such flexibility while maintaining the level of customer support that VBSOD is known for.

Our clients include both start-up and mature small businesses and solo entrepreneurs from around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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