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three goldfishes jumping from small to bigger bowlWith the continued growth of Twitter, as both a social site and a social marketing site, it is important to understand the best ways to use Tweets to build your brand and your following. While it seems incredible that Twitter is just seven years old, considering the impact it’s had on so many lives and businesses, with some 500 million users and 300 billion Tweets sent across the Twitter-verse, it is understandable the this unique means of communication has become a valuable tool for building business relationships and marketing products, services, and companies.

Before we look at building your Twitter following, let’s look at a few important Twitter statistics:

  • 78% of engagement with a brand’s Tweets are re-Tweets
  • 22% of engagement with a brand’s Tweets are replies
  • 92% of engagement with a brand’s Tweets are link clicks

Once you understand what a powerful marketing tool Twitter has become, it’s a simple step to begin asking how you can grow your Twitter following and, as any marketing expert will tell you, you should always look for quality over quantity.

“Remember, the quality of followers is more important than the quality.
1000 unengaged, irrelevant followers will be less useful to you than 100 followers
that regularly talk with you, reply to a retweet your content, & encourage others to follow you.”

While it can be said that marketing your business has changed little over the years; that is, that the basics remain constant, it can also be said that marketing has changed more in the past decade than in any decade in human history. This seemingly contradictory claim is not a contradiction at all, in that the fundamental principles of successful marketing are still necessary, it’s just that the market has moved online – where self-promotion and word-of-mouth promotion have become more critical than ever before.

Using Twitter for online marketing

With this in mind, the social network, and Twitter in particular, have become critical tools in a successful online marketing campaign. In other words, the steps you’ve always taken to promote your business will be more successful if you Tweet about them.

Perhaps the single best guide on how to grow your Twitter following has been offered by Rich Brooks, at, where he explains that following everyone under the sun and automatic follows are not the best route for conversions. Instead, following others within your niche and target market will generate far better results, a larger, more loyal following, and increased sales conversions. This is the “quality over quantity” argument made in clear and compelling language that we can all understand.

According to Mr. Brooks, the rules for increasing your Twitter following are actually fairly simple – and there are just four of them:

  • Find and Follow Relevant People – which means, when it comes to your business, stay within your niche and avoid your personal interests
  • Tweet Interesting Stuff – which means, offer valuable information or insights; do not simply offer promotional material
  • Engage – or respond to your followers regularly and consistently
  • Promote Your Twitter Account through Other Channels – and that means everywhere, from your website and Facebook page to your business cards, and from your print advertising to your articles and blog posts.

And, just one more, use your Twitter handle consistently and – hashtag everything!

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While social media marketing is not exactly rocket science, unless you happen to be a scientist who works on rockets of course, it can be a bit confusing and time consuming. If you would like to get some help with learning how to grow your Twitter following, and improve your social media marketing efforts, get in touch with us today.

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