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computer making money concept isolatedThe primary purpose of a landing page is to target a specific audience, collect their information and ultimately convert those leads into sales. This is done through an enticing offer, usually consisting of free trails, demos or content such as eBooks, webinars, instructional videos and reports. Having a page that has a clear call to action and explicitly offers value allows you to capture leads at a much higher rate than if they just went to say your home page. In order for a landing page to truly be effective and rev up sales it must have all the right components.

Key Components for a Successful Landing Page

  • Make it quick and easy for your visitors to understand what you’re offering and opt-in.
  • Make your copy something people can easily scan through.
  • Keep your design simple yet engaging. The page needs to be uncluttered and free of any distractions. DO use a powerful graphic or photo that helps support your copy such as an ebook cover, audio images, or a positive image representing happiness or success.
  • Remove the menu bar and any unnecessary links. If you do need to add a link, it should always open in a new page rather than directing people away from your landing page.
  • Keep everything above the fold. Don’t make your visitors have to scroll down in an endless search for crucial information. Long pages full of copy are meant for sales pages, not landing pages.
  • Include a captivating video with a call to action at the end telling your visitors to sign up for your offer or free gift. The video should be no more than a minute. You can lead them to a more in-depth video on a sales page or other website page once they sign up.
  • Add social sharing buttons to tap into your visitor’s networks and expand your reach.
  • Add credibility through testimonials, reviews and awards.
  • Try various versions of your page to see what works best. Test and test again to see what works best.

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