SEO is Dead – The Big Lie


SEO - Search Engine Optimization Web“SEO is dead” is the biggest lie on the internet today – and has been for more than a decade. Why? Because, while it may be true that many of the traditional methods of search engine optimization have become obsolete, when it comes to the optimization of your website, you must still optimize for the search engines. This is, after all what “SEO” stands for; Search Engine Optimization.

Despite the varied arguments to the contrary, such as this one, Give up the SEO Dream, offered by Pete Prestipino at Website Magazine, simply reflects the fact that SEO is evolving, not the proof of its demise. After all, if his Three C’s of Digital Marketing are accurate, then optimizing your site for “Content, Community & Collaboration” are merely the next phase of search engine optimization.

Did anyone ever think that SEO would never change?

Regardless of your belief, or not, in the death of SEO, these truths remain constant…

  • Search engines crawl text – they always have, and they always will, because text is easy – and cheap – to crawl.
  • Google has lead the way toward finding quality content – in an effort to end the gaming of the system, Google has been the leader in the search for quality content, rather than allowing sites to create the illusion of providing valuable information.
  • Some of the old SEO tricks no longer work – the result of Google’s focus on content has been to reduce the effectiveness of black-hat SEO techniques.
  • Personalized search has become critical – to Google and the other search engines. Understand that your audience is the reader, not the Search Engines, and you will be much more successful at improving your search results ranking.
  • Keyword research, and use, remain critical to your success – for, as even Mr. Prestipino admits, “a keyword research session,” is critical to being found by both the search engines and the reader.

First, you must be found, and the search engines have developed a protocol for finding you, as explained in wonderfully focused and understandable terms by Barry Adams, in his article, SEO is Not Dead. Following this protocol will get you found; for, while the practice of SEO may have changed, the effectiveness of a focused, organic optimization strategy has not – and never will.

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