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"I have been working with Serena at VBSOnDemand for over two years now and I credit her with moving my business up to a level of excellence that puts me on par with the top achievers in my industry. I have doubled my income thanks to the organization and skills exhibited by VBSOnDemand. Serena is a wealth of knowledge and has helped me to better understand the Virtual world and how my business fits into it. I don't have to worry or learn the ins and outs of the world of virtual business, which leaves me the time that I need to do what I love, which is helping people to change their lives for the better. Thanks Serena for making my business transition to the virtual world a safe and easy one!"

Does Internet Marketing, Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Writing Articles make you feel flustered?

Do you feel like you spend too much time working on growing your business, client attraction and marketing and not enough on client retention and sales?

Stop wasting countless hours on running your business and start growing your business!

Today, business moves faster than ever before. If you don’t stay connected, you will fall behind. For many business owners, this means not only running the business, but also wearing every other hat to get things done.

This usually leads to:

  • More stress
  • Longer hours
  • Less time for other parts of your life

What if there was an easier way to attract more customers and convert more sales?

Well, there is.

By establishing an online presence and extending your existing brand, you tap into a global network of possibilities without having to leave your office doors. More companies are finding they can boost sales without the investment of traditional marketing techniques.

No, it’s not fiction – it’s reality and you can create your own business success story…right now.

Just imagine opening up your email box full of hot leads everyday or hearing the phone always ringing with ready and willing prospects eager to buy what you’re selling.

Make it Happen With Virtual Business Solutions On Demand!

Working with Virtual Business Solutions On Demand not only gives you more time to focus on your business, we give you the personal attention you deserve with stress free solutions for optimal business results.

As an all-in-one shop for all of your business needs, we offer the following professional services:

With these powerful online marketing services working for you, you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Less stress
  • Spending more time on other parts of your life
  • Extending your brand awareness
  • Generating more sales

To find out more about VBSOnDemand and why our clients trust and depend on our online marketing services, be sure to visit our testimonials area. To find out more about us, check out our about us page, or take a look at our popular online marketing blog and to see samples of our work, simply browse around our portfolio page.

If you’re ready to join our family of satisfied and successful business clients, contact us today via phone at 647-393-9605 or send us a message via our online contact page.

Client Testimonial:

Cheryl Hitchcock
Integrity Counselling & Coaching Services


“I downloaded my 2011 Resolution on New Year’s Eve. It went like this…
‘I stand in EASE. I stand in JOY. And in this, everything will get ACCOMPLISHED.’
Lo and Behold, Serena came into my Universe a few days later.
HIRE HER if you want all of the above in your life!”
~ Madeleine Marentette
www.GrailSprings .com

“Serena is one of the savviest entrepreneurs around in social media marketing! Not only has she supported my business growth to measurable success within weeks of joining our team but she delivers above and beyond expectations. Serena…wish I met you years ago! Thank you for your commitment to excellence and to raising the bar!”
~ Leanne Grechulk

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